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Information about the U-Loc keyless lock.

About U-Loc

As residents of Arizona hear too often about swimming pool drownings, most of them involve very small children. Many are in swimming pools with fences that are not locked properly or the child moves a chair or other object and opens the gate latch.

We designed this lock assembly because we saw a need to develop a product that would be act as an additional barrier between a small child and a potentially deadly swimming pool.

The U-Loc is an efficient and affordable way to save lives and can be used for many other things other than swimming pool gates.

After making a few different models we came up with a version that would be very difficult for a small child to open . To prove this we put it to the kid test and we found that no small child or toddler could open our lock. This design is made from anodized billet aluminum d 300 series stainless steel making it very durable and weather resistant.
This lock assembly is essentially toddler proof. It can be locked or unlocked by an adult without the need to of a key, a code, or a combination. While this lock assembly has many applications it is particularly well suited for applications where there is a need to keep toddlers from gaining access to an area , such as a swimming pool or from gaining access to the contents of a cabinet, trunk, closet or storage shed that may contain substances harmful to any young child.

U-LOC is the Patented product of Paragon Machining in Gilbert, Arizona. We have full machine shop capabilities specializing CNC machined parts for production ,short run orders and prototype machining.

It is our goal to help keep kids safe because one drowning is one too many.







Child Safe Keyless Lock
The No Key U-Loc.
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